Audition FAQs

Note about the videos:

Please inform us about the works/pieces you have recorded. You have three options for this:
1. you integrate the work information into the video with the help of subtitles.
2. you inform about your works/pieces with a personal verbal introduction at the beginning of your video.
3. you write the work details directly into our upload form.

Please ensure the best possible sound quality for your recordings.

Questions about the videos:

1. May I technically edit my video?
Technical editing of any kind is not permitted within a performed piece.

2. May I make cuts between the pieces or do I have to play all the pieces one after the other without interruption?
You do not have to play all pieces consecutively without interruption. Between the pieces cuts/interruptions are allowed.

3. Can segments of the video be recorded separately at different times or should the video be recorded in the same place without interruption?
Different segments of the video can be recorded at different times.
The video does not have to be recorded at the same location without interruption.

4. May existing recordings from past concerts/performances be used?
Yes, this is possible.

5. Recording with or without piano accompaniment?
You can decide this yourself, both are possible.

6. Is sight-singing/ sight-playing also required?
No, sight-reading is not required for the preselection.

7. What is the maximum file size of my video?
A video may not exceed 500 MB in size.

8. How can I upload several videos?
Please upload your first video and submit it via the upload form. Then click then click on the upload link again and submit your second video. For each video to be submitted
repeat this process. Please do not submit more than three videos per study programme.

9. What format should my video be?
The following video formats are accepted: .mp4, .mov, .mpg, .mxf.

10. Which format can my audio file have (relevant for all composition courses and SoundArt)?
The following audio formats are accepted: .mp3 and .wav.

11. Does the application deadline also apply to the submission of video and sound recordings?
Yes, admission to the aptitude test or the aptitude procedure requires that all required documents have been submitted in due form and time.

Questions about the application portal:

12. I am already currently enrolled at HMTM. Do I still have to upload all the requiredupload all the required documents?
Since you cannot send your application without the documents required for submission, please documents, we kindly ask you to upload all required documents and a recent passport photo in the
application portal. You can download the HMTM transcripts from eOfficegenerate them independently from eOffice and submit them in the portal.


13. I will not graduate until the summer semester, can i apply now without graduation documents?
Yes, this is possible. You will need to submit your graduation documents by the time of enrolment at the latest.

14. When do I have to submit proof of language proficiency and what language level do I need?
You must submit proof of your German language skills by matriculation at the latest. (Certificate according to the „Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages: Learn,
teach, assess“). Only language certificates from certified training institutes are recognised.

15. I have already studied at another university, do I still have to take the compulsory subject examinations?
Yes, if compulsory subject examinations are scheduled for your first semester, they must be taken.

16. Until when can I withdraw from the aptitude test or the aptitude procedure?
Applicants can withdraw from the aptitude test or the aptitude test without giving a reason no later than 2 weeks before the start of the respective examination period.
from the qualifying examination or the qualifying procedure without giving reasons. The withdrawal must be made in writing. In this case, the examination is deemed not to have been taken.
Late withdrawals without valid reasons will not be taken into account; in this case, the examination is deemed to have been taken and not passed.

17. Do I have to have my submitted documents translated?
Foreign certificates/certificates are only accepted in German translation (exception:Certificates in English do not have to be translated). The translation must be done by
by a publicly appointed and sworn interpreter/translator for the respective language.